20,000 Legs Under the Sea: A Surrealist Burlesque Manifesto

So I got the new iPhone and this Summer I am going to try to document some of the great performances we put on out at Coney Island USA. For those of you who know me, I co produce the Burlesque at the Beach series out in Coney Island, and this new blog will attempt to catalogue as many of these shows as possible, as well as any other random thoughts that go through my head. 

June 24, 2010

“20,000 Legs Under the Sea: A Surrealist Burlesque Manifesto” will literally take over the entire Coney Island USA complex as site-specific, multi-media installations and performances are staged in the Coney Island Sideshow and Coney Island Museum. Artists from a range of disciplines have collaborated on sound sculptures, video installations, mini lectures, and live performances including Bambi the Mermaid, Bunny Love, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Dr. Lucky, Harvest Moon, Julie Atlas Muz, Mashinka Furents, MsTickle, Taro Baugham, and Zoe Beloff. Starring Noah Klein as Salvador Dali. Curated by Dr. Lucky

Text becomes visual and verbal as manifestos are read, eyeballs are sliced open and projected larger than life on bodies as canvas, and the spectator becomes an integral part of the sensorial overload. The surrealist funhouse features an operatic aria filling a staircase lined with naked pregnant men; electro-analog orchestration washing over a fantastical sea horse drowning in a sea of plastic; 50 blowup dolls dancing down Surf Avenue in the blue moonlight; a lovely chanteuse struggling to escape her cage as a Theremin bemoans her laments; Venus standing in a shell filled with smoldering coals as Salvador Dali triumphantly places a fishhead on her body.



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