Other Fredinis

Many folks know me by my stage name, Fredini. The whole thing started as a bad joke, but now I’m stuck with it, and it kind of fits my stage persona and appreciation of dumb jokes, so I’ve kept it. But over the years I have become aware of other Fredinis out there. For example, one year I received an email from an Italian, addressed “To my far relative!”. The person’s real last name was Fredini and they really thought we were related!

Of course, there’s also the Belgian Magician Fredini and his website http://www.Fredini.com :


There’s also Fredini the Dog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y4KtiBOfMg

But I was really surprised today when I saw this: a Bear named Fredini! And no, I’m not talking about an animal, I’m talking about a furry guy: Freddy Freeman as the Great Fredini!



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