What is it like to be 3D Scanned?

A huge “Thank You!” to all of our Kickstarter backers! We just hit our 20% goal! I’m being told we should already have hit 30% but I’m keeping the faith that the project will happen. I know we can do it! I am deeply indebted to all of you, and I just ask to please tell your friends about it and keep helping to spread the word! And if you haven’t backed us yet, please do so now! We need to show the rest of the world that this project is worth backing- I need your help to make it happen! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fredini/coney-island-scan-a-rama

I promised a video this weekend and here it is! My daughter Katya and Coney Island photo-dynamo Norman Blake helped me make a video of what its like to be 3D scanned. Check it out! I also have another video in the works that will go into some more details about the fine points of my hardware design, as well as some additional posts planned for later this week so stay tuned!


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