What Would You Do With a Statue of Yourself?

Since creating Coney Island Scan-A-Rama, we have discovered numerous reasons why people want 3D portraits. As previously noted, there’s a long history of portraiture, but but 3D scanning affordable portraits has created a whole new genre! Who would you scan and how would you use it? Here’s some applications we’ve discovered, but we’re anxious to hear what you would do with them!

Pregnancy Portraits

Everyone want to remember the baby bump, and a statue immortalizes it in ways that a photo never will! In my experience, hands down this is the killer app for 3D scanned portraits.

The Baby Bump Memorialized
The Baby Bump Memorialized

Folks with a 3D Printer, check out this 3D model of Sean & Amy on Thingiverse

Lovers, Couple Portraits & Wedding Cake Toppers

Who wouldn’t want their wedding cake topper to really be them! If you really wanted full color, we could do a scan with a texture map and have it printed with a printing service, but IMO the monochrome is classier! Not the marrying type? Well this is still a great way to remember your love and special times!

Mat Fraser & Julie Atlas Muz "The Freak and the Showgirl"
Mat Fraser & Julie Atlas Muz “The Freak and the Showgirl” Wedding Portrait

Family Portraits

Grandparents want to remember grandkids, parents want to remember their children when they are small, cute and not asking for the keys to the car. A family portrait in 3D is a whole new way to do just that!

The Family Portrait of the Future is Here!
The Family Portrait of the Future is Here!

Its All About Me!

Who wouldn’t want their own Mini Me?

The World Famous *BOB* as her own action figure
The World Famous *BOB* has her own action figure

Remembrances & Memorials

I’ve now done a number of portraits now of kids with their parents, and even had a few subjects musing about their own mortality and how the figurine could be used as a memorial object. After a loved one passes, having a figurine may be a great way to remember them. With a CNC machine or larger printer that could make things in metal or concrete, these could even be used be used for gravestones or public statues. What was previously something that could only be created at great expense by a skilled artisan is now affordable to all.
What thoughts do you have? Why would you want your own 3D statue? Let me know in the comments!

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