Scan-A-Rama Homestretch on Kickstarter!

A couple pieces of news on our Scan-A-Rama Kickstarter today:

New Reward Levels! 
At the request of backer extrordinaire Vica Miller (of Vica Miller Literary Salons fame), who wants to help fundraise and expand the curriculum of her daughter’s school, the Speyer Legacy School, we have introduced a new reward level:
School Fundraiser Lecture & Scan-a-thon for $1000. This package is for schools from elementary to high school age (within 120 minutes of NYC) and includes a lecture/demonstration on 3D printing and scanning, combined with a scanathon where we will scan students and families. If the school has 3D printers they can print the scans themselves, and if you want items for a school auction, we will provide up to 6 family portrait prints for your school auction!
(Please also note I have extended all travel events like lectures and parties to be within 2 hours of NYC. If you have an event ever further away, please contact me anyways- Let’s Make a Deal!)

All Portraits High Quality- Upgrade for $50 and $60 backers! 
If the campaign is successful, I also pledge to make all portrait prints at .1mm layer height- the highest quality setting of my machines. This guarantees you won’t see lines for the layers in the prints and means they will be the most beautiful they possibly could be!

Scan-A-Rama in the NY Times
Finally, I am pleased to announce that the New York Times has published their piece on the project! It will be in tomorrow’s print edition, but is already available online here: Thanks to reporter Vivian Yee for this great piece, and let me close with my portrait of her.

New York Times reporter Vivian Yee with her trusty notepad
New York Times reporter Vivian Yee with her trusty notepad

Only 3 days left and less than $3,000 to go! Please tell everyone you know and let’s make it happen!


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