The Scan-O-Tron 3000 is Open Source Hardware!

More big news today! In the wake of today’s NY Times article on the project The Great Fredini Dreams of a 3D Sideshow in Coney Island, the Brooklyn Paper also came out with their coverage; The Great Fredini’s Scan-A-Rama astonishes Coney Island. Exciting times, but the big news today is that:

We are Open Source Hardware!

7-27CIUSA SAR1 ©2013 Norman Blake[all rights reserved]

I have released my initial design files for my scanning rig, the Scan-O-Tron 3000. I still need to add some more details, but my 3D print files are posted along with my video on operating it. I’ve also had an inquiry from Make Magazine about doing a piece about it! Open Hardware backers, remember that I will be publishing some exclusive videos for you in the coming weeks to cover the fine points of scanning and cleaning up scans for printing. Download files here:

Ok that’s it for tonight- 57 hours to go on Kickstarter! We can do it!

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