Thank You to all our Kickstarter backers!

A huge round of thanks to everyone who made this project possible on Kickstarter! Without you, we would not be doing what we love. I still have not heard back from all our backers but I will keep this list updated as we get everyone’s name back as they would like it to be displayed. Thank you, all of you from the bottom of my heart!

Funny Garbage
Vica Miller to benefit the Speyer Legacy School
Bill and Mary Kahl
Bill and Maryalice Beinert
Enrique Javier Abeyta Ubillos
Janice Oresman
Jeffrey M Birnbaum
Sam Kang
John di Domenico
Steve Yaros
Savage Monsters Industries
The Pollara Family
Theresa Loong
Matsu Greenberg’s
Scott Specht
Kristina Konno
Jenn Coonce
Scotty Scott
Lauren Guida
Alex K.
Diane Sagey
Todd Robbins
John La
Jason Nunes
Michael Cosaboom
Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti
Par Parekh
Daniel Zen
Sean Kaplan
Erika Fuery
Liz Schnore
Eddie Garland
Jed Weissberg
Raymond and Katie Adams
The Dierks Family
Christina B
Carol Dysinger
Creamed Stu
The Ozar Family
Junko Bridston
Zach Ramey
Pat Hembrook
Andres & Andrea Garzon
Andrew Erlichman
Matthew Fetchko
Katie Reifman
Mary Loftus
Laura Moran
Libby Sentz
Hazel Honeysuckle
D20 Burlesque
Bobby Phobia
Bill Swersey & Family
Cris Siqueira
Daniel Albanese
William Mercado
Alix Martin
Erik Schaefer
Kate Dale
Gary Beeber
Adam Mick
Dan Willig
Kathy Ornstein & Don Fann
Brendan Works
Bill Steber
Colin Holgate
Jeremy Crowther
Jane Edmundson
Mark Avnet
Alix Madigan
Norman Blake
Andy Pratt
John Kelly
Adam Rinn
Jody Culkin
Michelle Handelman
Patric M. Verrone
Ena Swansea
Direct Dimensions
Chris Young
Victoria Sweat
John Aboud
Amy Ciavolino
Linda Thibodeau
Bill Westheimer
Rachel Uwa
Christina Jenkins
Chris Thorpe
Chee Yue
Matt Griffin
Marco Barnig
Paul R
Theron Trowbridge
Dillon Zwick
John Dimatos
B Alan Eisen
Seth Madej
Tony Buser
Bridget Dearborn
Victor Bourdon
Sergey Key
Nick Blackledge
Opal Lechmanski
Mike and Brenda Sessums
Gael Langevin
Marie Roberts
Marianne R. Petit
Mike Kaltschnee
Edith Harari
Ross Tsukashima
Nina Katan
Peggy Monahan
Elena Maureen Martinez
Laura Auerbach
Robin Kingsbury
Alessandra Giordano
David Zeitler
Rob Leddy
Mario The Magician
Marty McGuire
Kim Harty
Dave Vamos
Ben Reytblat
Carrie Jaquith
Hank Blumenthal
Mel Eslyn
Todd Blatt
Camilo Bravo
Legs Malone
Morgan Kerr
Max Mercury Neff
Mr. & Mrs. Yellin-Hilmann
Diana Mallery
Joe of War


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