Scan-A-Rama ROCKED World Maker Faire New York!

Wow! What a weekend. Scan-A-Rama was a huge success at World Maker Faire New York! We made 3D portraits of hundreds of people and were visited by all the celebrities of the Maker Scene. I also met a number of Kickstarter backers and was able to make

Personal highlights include the amazing Maker Faire Crew, EepyBird- the Coke and Mentos guys, kid scientist Joey Hudy from the Obama marshmallow cannon video, multiple Iron Man projects, and all the luminaries of the 3D printing community including my idol Tony Buser, Whosawhatsis, Keith Ozar and Anney Fresh, Matthew Griffin( who organized a great panel on 3D Design, the Gigabot guys, SeeMeCNC, Zheng3, Cereberus, Sir Makealot, the Metrocard Man, countless others I’m forgetting, and hundreds of other Fairgoers! Oh yeah, and did I mention we won 9 awards!!! 6 Editor’s Choice and 3 Educators Choice Awards!

Special thanks to my kids Katya and Kostya who were indispensable in helping, my friend Scott from the Coney Island Lighthouse who was amazing, and numerous members of Funny Garbage who stopped by and helped on Saturday!

More pics coming soon, but for now here’s some quick snapshots I grabbed:










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