Greetings from Coney Island! I know I’ve been pretty quiet since NY Makerfaire NY, but I haven’t been idle. There has been a lot going on!

I finally have a second 3D scanning rig in Manhattan! If you are a Kickstarter backer who has yet to be scanned for your portrait, I am able to take appointments for Thursday evenings at Funny Garbage’s new makerspace near Madison Ave and 30th St. “3D Thursdays” will be my night for doing portraits. Drop me a line and make an appointment to come in for your portrait. I’m planning on keeping hours from 6-8pm Thursdays until I get everyone scanned. (I will also continue to be in Coney Island most Saturdays from 12-5pm this winter)

In other news, my “bot farm” is now up to 5 production 3D printers, which was one of my goals with the Kickstarter. On top of that, Brook Drumm of Printrbot generously donated a kit for a double tall Printrbot+, so I’m swimming in machines over here! Printing bandwidth is no longer my concern! In preparation for next Summer’s installation at the Coney Island Museum, I’ve also enrolled in a 3D modeling class to boost my skills to model some of Luna Park’s more difficult structures.

Lastly, some new press sightings and events:

  • I’ve written an article about my scanning rig, the Scan-O-Tron 3000 which is featured in Make Magazine’s second annual Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. The issue just hit the newsstands this week, so look out for it.
  • I will be participating in the Engadget Expand conference at the Javits Center in NY next weekend. Scan-A-Rama will be a part of Make Magazine’s booth to promote their 3D printing issue, so please stop by if you want to get scanned there.
  • CNN Money just came out to Coney Island to shoot a segment on Scan-A-Rama. It should go on air and live on the web next week, so i will include that in my next update.

That’s all for now. I’ll look forward to seeing you soon!
– Fred

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