The Great Fredini Rocks the @Makerbot Store in July!

Not only will I be doing a talk at the NY Makerbot store on July 10, I will be doing their windows for the month!


New York MakerBot Store Hosts Fred Kahl for a MakerBot Innovator Session and Celebrates Coney Island’s Luna Park

The Great Fredini to Talk About 3D Printing, Coney Island and Art – July 10, 2014

WHO:  MakerBot is excited to announce a unique event at the New York MakerBot Store on Thursday, July 10, 2014.  MakerBot will host an Innovator Session with Fred (The Great Fredini) Kahl. This informative lecture will showcase how The Great Fredini used five MakerBot® Replicator® Desktop 3D Printers to create an accurate scale model of Coney Island’s Luna Park (as it appeared in 1914). A smaller version of Kahl’s Luna Park Model will be on display during the Innovator Session, as well as in the main window of the New York City MakerBot Store from July 1st – July 25th.

WHAT:  Come hear The Great Fredini speak about his 3D art, the Luna Park 3D printed model, and his successful Kickstarter campaign for Coney Island Scan-A-Rama, in which he created custom 3D portraits to be displayed alongside the Luna Park model at a Coney Island Museum exhibition. This exciting and informative seminar is geared towards those interested in 3D printing and its numerous uses. This event is free and open to the public; space is limited though so pre-registration is required at

WHEN:  7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 10, 2014

WHERE:  MakerBot Store

298 Mulberry Street

New York, NY  10012


WHY:  The Great Fredini, who formerly worked as a sword swallower and glassblowing artist, is looking forward to sharing the powers of 3D printing with others. “Luna Park has a special place in history, a witness to the society being transformed by technology. These are the themes that are relevant to us today as our world undergoes the third industrial revolution,” said Kahl in the press release for his exhibit. “This piece is also about a deep love of Coney Island as the cultural melting pot and showcase for presenting cutting-edge technology as entertainment.”

Kahl’s Scan-A-Rama won nine awards at World MakerFaire New York. To view pictures of the Luna Park model, visit The full exhibit will be open at the Coney Island Museum until May 2015.To learn more about the New York MakerBot Store Innovation Session with The Great Fredini, Fred Kahl, visit, or call 347-457-5758.


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