PLA Perdue Part Two

Yesterday I posted about my experiments with “lost PLA” casting to make a cast glass object from a 3D printed digital design.

Today the oven cooled and I was able to remove them from the plaster silica molds. I’m quite pleased with the results. They could use some cold working to grind and polish them, but it’s an excellent proof of concept for this as an efficient and speedy workflow to quickly move from digital designs to physical object in any castable material including glass and metal.

Some shots of disinvestment and the final objects. The castings were very clean!








One thought on “PLA Perdue Part Two

  1. Congratulations oh great Fredini! I would love to see a 3D printer that can heat up enough to 3D print directly from glass filament. Someday soon I hope, I know it’s been done with clay.
    All the best,

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