Fredini’s IdeaLab: “Raging” A movie about mid 1800’s Firemen

Has Hollywood completely run out of ideas? Seeing today’s new Mad Max Trailer made me excited, yet I’m ready for some original ideas instead of constant rehashing so I’ve decided to start occasionally posting some concepts for books, products, TV Shows or Films that I have. Today I am pleased to present a concept for a film (or a novel) that I call Raging.


Raging is a tale of rival firehouses set in mid 1800’s NYC. In the 1800’s fires were popular entertainment and fire houses were private social clubs. Back then, it was a race to get to the fire first and rival clubs would often brawl for the right to put out a fire with exhibitions of bravery The story centers around Jimmy, a young Irish, third generation fireman who falls in love with Maria, the daughter of the rival Italian firehouse’s captain Giuseppe. When Giuseppe brutally kills Jimmy’s father in a blaze, things really heat up! Think Romeo & Juliet set in Gangs of New York era Backdraft.

Its also a good opportunity for trendy facial hair too!


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