Greetings From Pilchuck!

I’ve just completed two weeks as a visiing artist at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. It’s been 21 years since I have been here and I’m happy to say that Artistic Director Tina Aufiero is doing a great job of pushing the school forward into the 21st century while maintaining the atmosphere of collaboration, comraderie, experimentation and creativity. 

I was brought out to get the new 3D printing studio space set up in preparation for classes this year, and to plan my 2016 class on using digital processes and 3DP for creation of glass objects. It was an awesome experience and much needed moment of reflection. I was able to generate some work in preparation for the upcoming Wheaton Arts fellowship and even got to dabble in glassmaking while making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  

Here’s some images: 

The iconic Pilchuck Hot Shop
Hank Adams’ Trojan Horse has grown a wonderful patina over the years
as Always, the hot shop was bustling with action- pulling glass tubes for neon here
Sunset over Puget Sound as seen from the lodge
“Creation” 3D Print- a maquette for my Wheaton Project? Picture this 12′ tall! Made on the new Printrbot Bot Farm.
Gaffer Dan Friday helped me make a piece, starting with this gold Ruby glass heart
Hot glass is a seductive material
This 3D printed scan if my hand was inspiration for this hot glass sculpted piece
Hand with heart being reheated in the glory hole.
The Heart in the hand
Il Cavallo- the glass Horse: I see the glass horse as the ultimate test of glassblowing prowess. what the paper crane is to Origami, il cavallo is to glass. if you can work hot enough to make the horse without reheating, you are a skilled glassworker. Watch my YouTube olaylist of Glass Horse making here:


Pilchuck Totem Pole made by Preston Singletary and other pacific Northwest natives with cast glass inclusions
My last night ended with a gallery show. of 3D printed and glass work
Creation Maquettes
3D Portraits
Portrait of Artist in Residence Joel Otterson
Glass hand holding Heart
Dan Friday Portrait
Il Cavallo
Goodbye Pilchuck! im excited to teach session 2 , 2016!

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