Progress on the Helter Skelter

I’ve been done 3D printing this for a few weeks and finally just took a day off after Westport Makerfaire to spend a few hours starting to glue together the Helter Skelter. I can’t wait to add this to the installation. It’s considerably bigger than I originally realized it would be- it should look great when done.



 Thompson & Dundy’s Luna Park: 3D Printed- new images

I’m out in Coney Island this week working in a shipping crate to bring my scanning rig to Bay Area Makerfaire but I had a few moments to snap some photos of my Luna Park installation. As soon as I have a moment to start gluing I will be adding a new building: the Helter Skelter slide. Hopefully soon, so these will be my last shots without it.




New Luna Park Photos By Raymond Adams

Raymond Adams ( is a photographer friend who I met out in Coney Island. He’s been shooting in the neighborhood for while now and was a Kickstarter backer of Coney Island Scan-A-Rama.  He recently came out to meet me in Coney and shot some nice portraits of me in the installation of Luna Park at the Coney Island Museum. Thanks Ray!11054745_10204541944282739_71594317_o 11034546_10204544275381015_1535181905_o 11025317_10204495361198191_1899424994_o

The Helter Skelter

Its not just a Beatles song… the Helter Skelter was a slide ride at Thompson & Dundy’s Luna Park in Coney Island from about 1907-1915. Its the next part of the model I will be 3D printing to tie together the two pieces of boardwalk I have already completed. I’m starting to grapple with how much the park changed year to year and how the main court of the model will be laid out. Its also curious how many color variations existed amongst postcards that were made as the Helter Skelter is one of the most popular of all postcards of Luna Park . Theres a bit more work to do, but I can’t wait to start printing it!

Image from Shorpy

Image from Shorpy


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Luna Park’s Electric Tower, 3D Printed

I began work on a newer, more detailed sculpt of Luna Park’s Electric Tower last summer, completing the digital sculpt in September, but its taken a while to get it printed and now its finally assembled. There’s some sanding and a few decorative corbels left to glue on but I hope to install it in the Coney Island Museum this Saturday!

I recently posted an image of the parts all organized by tier:


and here’s an animation of how they all stacked together:


Up next I plan on modeling the Helter Skelter:

Image from Shorpy

Image courtesy of Shorpy