Makerbot <3's The Great Fredini!

Makerbot Store Windows

Today I am setting up a display in the Manhattan Makerbot Store windows. The windows will feature some of my favorite 3D portraits and a smaller version the Luna Park Tower. The work will be there for the month of July and I will be speaking there on July 10. To attend or find out more, click the photo or visit 

The Velvet Crayon

The Velvet Crayon is visiting Coney Island for Super Freak weekend and I had to do a 3D portrait of him.

photo (2)

I captured him using the 3D Systems Sense. The scans from the sense are great but I find there’s way too much decimation when I use the built in solidify function, so I fix the model with other software.


The scan was missing an ear from his mask, so I repaired that. The cleaned up file is ready for printing. 

photo (1)

The printed file is ready for min my the next morning!

Melvin & Clark 3D Scans

Melvin & Clark 3D Scans

Melvin was one of the first people I scanned in Coney Island. He has been one of my biggest boosters and has become a real friend. He has a big family- 9 kids and several brothers, sisters and cousins. Since I first scanned him and his sister Melvina, he has brought back his wife, sons, daughters, grandsons and mother. Lately I have been experimenting with scanning faces, so when he brought his father out this weekend, I did bust portraits of both of them. I’m quite pleased with them.

Check out this video of him and his sister picking up their first portraits last summer- their reactions to receiving their statues is proceless!

Beginning to Model Luna Park

Beginning to model Luna Park

I’m finally digging into 3D modeling Luna Park. The architecture was so ornate and complex that I’ve been taking a class to expand my skills. This balcony is my first attempt at using Zbrush to model the park. My goal is to complete a toolkit of repeating park elements- an archway, balcony and scallop shaped roof. I’ll then brak that down into printable chunks and start building out the park’s courtyard.

See my collection of Luna Park imagery on Flickr here: