Pink Poodle Lady Mermaid Parade 3D Scan

Kate "The Pink Poodle Lady", Fifi the Mermaid poodle and Phinn the fish, 3D Scanned at the 2014 Mermaid Parade

Kate “The Pink Poodle Lady”, Fifi the Mermaid poodle and Phinn the fish, 3D Scanned at the 2014 Mermaid Parade

At the Mermaid Parade this year, I had the opportunity to 3D scan Kate Dale, the “Pink Poodle Lady”. Last week Kate called me and invited me up to Julliard (where she is the prop master), to 3D scan her entire float before it had to be dismantled. I tried several times to use the Sense scanner to capture it, but the scan wasn’t quite ideal. For example, the fish Phinn’s scales were not showing up and there were a number of seams. It would have been a lot of zbrushing to fix it. So I pulled out my iPhone and used 123dCatch. The results are great! I may pull out the Sense scans and use some details from them to add further embellishments- for example the clamshell footlights, but really I’m quite pleased with the result!



3D Printed Wedding Cake Topper Spotting

My friends Thea and Justin were married yesterday. It was a wonderful event. My gift to them was a Scan-A-Rama 3D printed wedding cake topper of themselves. It looked beautiful on top of the cake. It’s not the first one of these I’ve done but it was the first one I’ve been to the actual wedding to see. Congrats to Thea and Justin!




Luna Park Progress

I’ve been trying to carve out time to go back and remodel the Main Luna Park tower in ZBrush- the original model was done in SketchUp and lacks the kind of ornamental detail that the newer pieces have. The version of the tower in the show is also too small in comparison to the rest of the model, so it needs reprinting. When completed, this tower will be taller than me! I still need to add a number of decorative corbels and embellish the top with acanthus leaves and ornamentation, but its getting there….

Progress on Modeling the Luna Park Tower

Progress on Modeling the Luna Park Tower

Makerbot <3's The Great Fredini!

Makerbot Store Windows

Today I am setting up a display in the Manhattan Makerbot Store windows. The windows will feature some of my favorite 3D portraits and a smaller version the Luna Park Tower. The work will be there for the month of July and I will be speaking there on July 10. To attend or find out more, click the photo or visit