Frederick Gladding Kahl, aka the Great Fredini

As an artist I have worked in many different media, but themes of magic are central to all projects.

I am…

A sampling of past work:

Full Fathom Five, Cast Glass, 14″ x 14″x 7″, 2015 Cast glass made from 3D printed digital designs
Full Fathom Five, Cast Glass, 14″ x 14″x 7″, 2015 Cast glass made from 3D printed digital designs
Angel, 3D Printed PLA, 36″ x 28″ 10″, 2015 3D printed work inspired by Creation; a turn of the century Coney Island attraction that simulated God’s creation of heaven and the earth, as well as sculptural depictions of Hell such as Rodin’s Gates of Hell. Knowing Rodin spent his whole life on this work, my goal was to accomplish my own treatment of this subject matter in a fraction of the time using 21st century digital processes.

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  1. Hello, I was chatting with my buddy Dave Neff, and he thought you would be the guy to talk to about rostock printers.

    1. I built a Rostock Max kit. I can’t say I totally love it, but that’s more because I just want to print and less want to make a printer. Its actually a nice machine but requires a lot of tinkering to get it printing tightly. I highly recommend the delta printers Google group as a resource- there’s a great community of folks there. I’m happy to talk more if you want.

  2. Fred
    Have you ever considered having a “side show” with your 3D Scanning and Printer business in Coney Island?
    I am a person who sells and services 3D Wax Model printers that are used by jewelers. I worked with the 2D company where the 3D idea using wax printers originated. I have a collection of all of the first 3D wax printers and want to put the collection in a location to educate and promote 3D printing. I actually have the first 3D wax printer ever made in the world. I have documentation and the knowledge to teach people how it works and I can sell used wax printers to new users. I have been contacting museums but have no success so far. I saw your new business and want to share my idea with you.
    My printers are made by Sanders Prototype, Inc and Solidscape, Inc in New Hampshire. Solidscape is now owned by Stratasys, Inc. I am looking for visibility and exposure with the hope of someday selling the collection to a museum.
    If you want to talk, my cell is 603-548-3816.
    I have not used Kickstarter to promote my business idea.
    My printers were built in the early 1990’s up to early 2000’s.

    James K. McMahon

    1. Hi James,
      I apologize for the delayed response. I have been pretty busy wrapping up Kickstarter. I cannot think of any use I can be for you with the collection of wax printers, but they sound useful to sculptors who do lost wax casting. What size build volume are they capable? I have been working on a class syllabus for a glass school and was thinking about doing lost wad style techniques with 3D printed parts. Maybe this could be useful for something like that?

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        Now inkjet is S-L-O-W printing because the drops are so small. This makes it popular for fine quality wax models needed by jewelers. And jewelers models are rings and are tiny. They are my primary customers. Sculptors would go mad with these printers. I found one in Hartford last month who uses sand printing (Sand with jets for a binder) or mix sand with a liquid binder and pack it into a reverse mold.
        I contacted you only because this is like finding dinosaur eggs in the year 2000. As you know, 3D printing is top on may people minds and they don’t know where it originated. I was in the company where the wax model 3D printing began as a 2D printer on paper. The inkjets for these and today’s 3D wax printers were designed and built at that time and I was involved with them.
        I understand dinosaur eggs are of interest to only a few people and that’s whey the collection I have needs to be in a high traffic area like a museum like yours.
        I am curious to your reaction to this idea and respect your opinion since I have this equipment and think it should be put somewhere for people to see it and you are working on a 3D show or something like that. I am just so into this I may be blind to the idea that others may not care about seeing it. What do you think?
        Jim McMahon
        603-548-3816 cell (if you need to talk instead of type)

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