R.I.P. Carlos

One of the local Coney Island guys I have known since he was a boy died this week. Carlos had a heart attack just short of celebrating his 40th birthday. He was a hustler at one of those crooked game joints you can never win at, but he was a nice guy underneath it all. I like to think that he got some culturing through seeing the shows at Coney Island USA over the years.

I 3D scanned Carlos last spring so I made a few prints to give to the family for the funeral. His dad is a big tough Hispanic guy with a gold tooth. When I gave him the print he broke down in tears. It was very touching.

I always thought that the 3D portraits would make good funeral stones but this is the first scanning subject I ever had that died. It was an intense experience that reminded me of the power an image like this can have.


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